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Rosa es Rojo: An Opportunity for Helping and Training Resilient Latino Women and their Families.


Daily we face changes, adversities and opportunities. The need for preparation to learn from these events is vital. When facing unexpected and sometimes difficult news, many people struggle with continuing to live a full and happy life.


Adversity for some may be a chronic illness, job loss, the death of a loved one, a divorce, a change of country or city, etc. Rosa es Rojo™ was created to help Latino women learn from these challenges and adversities. Our mission is to educate Latino women and their families on prevention, health and wellness. We help them to improve their lifestyle with respect to nutrition, physical activity, emotional health and positive thinking. At the moment, we are focused on two major groups: Latino women who have immigrated to the US and Latino women facing difficult health conditions with special emphasis on breast cancer.


Rosa es Rojo’s mission is to help Latino women in the United States make the best decisions with regard to health and emotional well being in order to strengthen their self-esteem. We want women and their families to be WELL by deciding to take advantage of obstacles and challenges, living their life to the fullest in the present moment. We want them to recognize themselves as the best resource and agent to begin positive changes and make decisions that lead to a healthy and balanced lifestyle through nutrition, physical activity, emotional health and positive thinking. We feel that when women tend to their physical and emotional health, they actively promote the formation of strong families with leadership and positive influence.


With a year and a half of operation and thanks to our 21 workshops, 9 conferences and all the content shared by our social media platforms, 92% of our participants say that our content can be put into practice immediately after learning about it. Also, 67% of our participants recognize that at least 4 other people (besides themselves) have been positively impacted by what they learned from us and 100% of our participants would recommend our workshops and conferences to others. The two principal takeaways that Rosa es Rojo™ followers and readers have learned during this year are (1) deciding on better options in their eating habits and (2) keeping a positive attitude in the face of adversities.


Investing in women and their families is a primordial necessity. Investing and preparing Latino women in the world and in the United States specifically, is a significant matter, as they represent the majority minority in this country. We feel that by learning and practicing proper physical and emotional health habits, even when economic resources are limited, Latino women will have the necessary tools for achieving well-being in their lives and positively influencing others around them.

Thanks for helping Latino women learn and flourish from adversity and challenges!

Aidee Granados

Founder & Executive Director