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Aideé – SuperVivor and Founder

I’m a woman, wife, mom, sister, friend, entrepreneur, cancer SuperVivor and a lot more. Cheerful, restless, simple and very determined. Around 1 year ago I started the non-profit Pink is Red, as a SuperVivors project, for people who want to live healthier. Here I share content to fulfill those goals and through conventional and alternative options. I write and publish articles and stories about survivors, facilitate training workshops and conferences; I am also a health and wellness coach. One of my greatest motivations is to learn more, prepare, and share; always share. SuperVive is to live intensely today, without anguish of the future or regret of the past. Enjoy the present moment to the fullest.

Lau M. – Dream Builder

I am Laura, Colombian passionate for the discovery and understanding of the world, cultures and the search for justice and social equity. I studied political science, specializing in government and public policy, and have a master’s degree in social responsibility. Life has led me to work for more than 12 years in the third sector (non-governmental organizations) and it is here that I have found my greatest experience, in the field of management and institutional development. I am a wife as well as a mother of a small earthquake called Eliana, who has been my greatest challenge and my greatest source pride and happiness. I enjoy literature, cinema and exercise (especially zumba and cycling). For me, SuperVive is to live in peace, harmony and to be happy.

Lau D. -Interpreter of Ideas

Hello, I’m Lau. I’m in love with living, as it has given me the opportunity to form a beautiful family with my husband and daughter, as well as to live great experiences: from mission work in prisons, performing as a clown in the streets of Ecuador, promoting children in extreme poverty to taking photography, and studying to receive a Masters in Social Responsibility. I have allowed myself to take from life opportunities to be part of numerous volunteer projects and social causes, always trying to bring light where it is needed. I got on the boat of Pink is Red because the philosophy of SuperVive resonates with my own ideology of life. Pink is Red is the perfect channel to continue telling people how valuable they are. For me, SuperVive is to say Yes to Life; Forge your own way; Love yourself and love others.

Ofelia. – People Connector

I am a SuperVivor traveler who is fed with hugs, kisses and laughter. My priorities in life are my family, my friends and ME. I grew up in a family where generosity is one of the most important values. Since childhood I have wanted to do something for others. It fills my heart with happiness to be able to give and to contribut a grain of sand which makes a better world. I have participated in several volunteer activities and I am very excited to collaborate in Pink is Red and to be able to share the tools for SuperVive. SuperVive is to value and enjoy to the maximum the present moment without anything or anyone preventing me from it.

Gabriela. – Compass Team

I am Gabriela, an architect who has become a jeweler. Survivor of breast cancer and life transformation. My passions are fabrics and yoga. I am introverted, I enjoy listening more than talking. I want to listen to you and support you because where you are I was, because those who accompany us sometimes are more afraid than we are, because the road seems rocky, but shared it is softened, because mutual experiences strengthen us, because during my process others who had lived the same listened to me and this gave me clarity and serenity. In the last few years life has presented me a magnifying glass to be able to see what is most valuable and what makes me happy. From here I thank this great journey that is life. For me SuperVive is to LIVE ADVERSITY WITH THE ABILITY TO LAUGH AT YOUR SELF!

Vero – Compass Team

I like being here for you! I am Vero, I am 40 years old and I am a survivor of breast cancer. I love being a mom, being a wife, being a friend, being an artist (I love painting!) And something I’ve discovered in recent months: I love being me! Love life and seek the greatest number of reasons (although sometimes I do not find them very easily …) to live as happy as possible!

Marce and Paco – Arts and Crafts

Marce likes the noise, Paco is more quite. MaRce watches suspense movies and Paco prefers to watch El chavo del Ocho. Marce is an administrator and Paco is a marketer. Yes, we are very different. But together, we are a great team and together with our children, Maria and Maximiliano we form a family that every day we are hoping is happy and is always learning new things. For us SuperVive is to enjoy to the maximum everything that gives us life: sweet and salty, dark and bright, silences and scandals, all the mischief of children, every gift of nature, and every opportunity that is offered to us.

Ayerim Riera – SuperVivor Coach

I am Ayerim Riera. I was born in Caracas, Venezuela. I studied Psychology at the Central University of Venezuela. I work as a Human Resources Consultant and Facilitator of Educational Experiences under the Accelerated Learning modality. I believe in the unlimited abilities of people to learn and build new realities from pleasure, joy and fun. To SuperVive is to love and integrate everything that I am.

Adrián Cottín – SuperVivor Coach

I try to fulfill my personal mission: “Contribute to the creation of a happier world, educating people and organizations through transformative learning”. I am a facilitator in the Accelerated Learning Methodology. I am dedicated to being a professional facilitator and a high impact international lecturer, a personal and business coach, trained professionally in neurolinguistic programming – P.N.L. And an expert in organizational learning. I am a person of faith, a good human being, I love my wife Iris, my children and grandchildren. I seek to be noble of feeling and a faithful friend. I want to stay healthy in spirit, mind and body. I can forgive and forget the damage life can inflict on me. Happy and thankful being with God! For me SuperVive means: New heart, new opportunity, new life.

Guille Guzman – SuperVivor Coach

I am woman, wife, mom, and happy. Lover of essential oils, weekend seamstress, occasional baker and Coach in Integral Health by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN). I am also a student of Aromatic Medicine in Vintage Remedies and SuperVivior. I love swimming and now I also play tennis. For me SuperVive means to be authentically you, regardless of the challenge you have in front of you