With cancer I had a journey. Unexpected, though. However, I love traveling! My encounter face to face with cancer had many good, bad and ugly things. At the end, the good ones won by much.

You might think that in this trip I lost many things on the way: parts of my body, hair, energy, friends. It was not the case. Today, more than ever, I feel full and complete. I’ve added many good things, many experiences, love of friends and family, and strangers too.

I’m grateful for this experience. It sounds crazy, I know; however, it’s more what I’ve added more than subtracted.

Sometimes I ask myself, why am I grateful for? First of all because I could see how God helps me and brings me back to living fully a life that I am rediscovering and enjoying. Secondly, because my family and friends are there, especially Nathan, my husband, and my daughter, María Andrea, who are my strength and motivation every moment and every step of the way. Third, my doctors are a treasure: human beings before doctors, reliable, as well as the staff. Fourth, because before having cancer I had no idea of what I was capable of doing and living. Today, then, I have a better idea of what I am capable of! I still have much more to discover!

Looking back to that Friday in March of 2013, when I received the news, I can say I am different. I am different because I’ve decided to change many things that MAKE up  my body and MAKE up my soul.

This takes me to think of a new favorite word: RESILIENCY, which for me, it means how to totally disintegrate and be reborn becoming a new and better person. Now, I confess: I like this “new Aidee” much better!

P.S. Please, I ask you not to call me a “warrior.” I didn’t have “fight” against breast cancer. I was not, I am not, fighting against anyone or anything!