When I started treatment, I decided to take the conventional route: chemotherapies, surgery and radiations. Well, I didn’t have time to “decide it” since it all happened too quickly. I correct myself: I didn’t decide anything because there were NO OPTIONS to choose from. I simply accepted going with the conventional method.

What options am I talking about? Is there other forms to treat cancer besides the usual ones? Yes, there are. They are known as alternative, natural or non-conventional methods.

During my conventional journey I started learning the non-conventional way. I am a believer that a mix of both has been an approach that, in my case, has brought many benefits.

There are many examples that I’ve read, and known, that have gone just one way of the two routes. And they have done well. Like I said before, it’s important to educate yourself, listen to those who guide you and finally follow your hunches.

Also, I have had the joy to live and meet great oncologists, radiologists, surgeons, who are looking for an integral approach to cure cancer. My hats off to them! Finding them has been my greatest fortune.

Pink is Red wants exactly that: share with you options to live a better life. Conventional and non-conventional methods. Maybe you want to mix them up or just go one way. That depends on you and what you are searching for.

I’m sure you will know how to decide well and what’s better for you!