Pink is red was born as a hunch. I love my hunches! And I’ve learned to listen to them.

One day, in the middle of chemos to treat breast cancer, I started to get dizzy. It wasn’t the medicine. It was something else. Something more. My head was spinning when I realized the disinformation and poor education that existed (and still exists) about breast cancer.


Little by little, I was learning, from good sources, about how to “survive” cancer and declare victory, and some things I was told in the hospital, or I read in books I received as presents, or saw in magazines and ads, just didn’t fit with being better. On the contrary, the “pink ribbons” for example, which you encounter in many places and researching, I realized that who was stating to support cancer, were actually promoting the illness. What a confusion! What an abuse!


I was getting to the conclusion that the “pink” surrounding breast cancer was not for me. It didn’t mean what I needed to continue and live many years to come. I needed a…¡red! A bright, brilliant, shiny, crazy and even aggressive red. The opposite of pink.


One morning I turned to my husband and said ”Pink is Red”. It is for me. And I decided to live my cancer journey and cure just like that.


I decided to rebel against any prognosis given to me. I decided to question and educate myself about cancer. I decided to choose the best doctors and trust completely in them. I also decided to listen to my gut feeling. I decided to try new remedies and a healthy lifestyle. It has been fascinating


Thanks to red, I survived. I did not only survived but I live much better than before. Without doubt, thanks to red, today I SuperLive.