Pink is Red wants you Superliving.

One day I found that Surviving could be a synonym of Superliving. I didn’t like it….

Later, I found that Surviving, according to RAE (Spanish Regal Academy, its acronym in Spanish), means “living with scarce means or adversary conditions.” I disliked it even more!

I don’t want you to live with “scarce means”. That’s why, I want to share with you opitions, information, resources, experiences and testimonies.

I also don’t want you to live in “adversary conditions.” On the contrary, I want the total opposite. I want to share options for your conditions to be better each day. I want you to Superlive!

And Superliving for me is to decide to live life to the max, to the extreme, doing what my heart desires the most and what it is passionate for every day. Going crazy by happiness and squeezing my days is Superliving.

What does Superliving mean for you?